Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Jardines?

Unlike some nationally recognised pharmacy chains, Jardines remains firmly based in the UK, and, as such, pays its proportionate share of tax, thereby supporting the NHS. Have a look at where some other pharmacy chains are based, and their proportional contribution to the exchequer...

We will always do all we can to care for our local communities - anything you'd like to ask or discuss, we are only a phone-call or email away. Or pop in and see us in any of our sites, where you'll find one of our friendly team always willing to help.

Will you deliver to me for free?

Yes, if you choose Jardines Direct as your pharmacy, we will deliver to any address in England, absolutely free of charge.

Who are Pharmacy2u? Are they part of the NHS?

No, they are not. Pharmacy2u is a distance-selling pharmacy based in Leeds. They have devised a very shrewd set of marketing materials and advertising to draw insinuations that they are linked with the NHS, but this is not the case. They continue to take business from independent community pharmacies such as Jardines, which are more often than not key presences in local community hubs.